Community Service Award

The Community Service Award is a Willistown Township initiative created to honor and recognize a Willistown resident who gives his or her time to our community by serving on a Township board or commission. The spirit of volunteerism in Willistown is strong. There are over 60 residents quietly making unique and valuable contributions to our community through their service on Willistown's volunteer board and commissions. 

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our volunteers for your personal dedication and your consistent commitment to service. Your willingness to get involved is admirable, and your volunteer service demonstrates leadership, integrity, and a love of your community that is nothing short of inspirational!

Congratulations Community Service Award Winners!

Jim Tate, 2011
Penny Goulding, 2013
Eric Gerst, 2014
David Watt, 2015
Dick McDonnell, 2016
Andrew Vaskas, 2019
Don Mancini, 2022