Land Conservation Authority Board


  • Meetings are held when required 


  • Vacancy
  • Robert Lange
  • Ted Leisenring
  • William Shoemaker
  • George J. McHugh, IV


§ 4-2. Powers and duties of the Land Conservation Authority Board as identified in the Willistown Township Code under Chapter 4 Article I, Willistown Land Conservation Authority, are as follows: The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and the Secretary of the Township are authorized and directed to execute, on behalf of the Township, Articles of Incorporation for an authority, and the seal of said Township shall be thereto affixed and attested by the Secretary, in substantially the form that is attached hereto as Exhibit A (on file in Township offices) and by reference made part hereof, which relate to the creation of the Willistown Land Conservation Authority (the "Authority").