Ronnie Park Neighborhood Stormwater

Residents of the Ronnie Park neighborhood on Jacqueline Drive, Sunset Drive, and Rollingview Drive were significantly impacted by Hurricane Ida in September of 2021. View the PowerPoint Presentation from the December 11, 2021 public meeting.

Mitigation Efforts 

Willistown Township is working to develop long-and-short term plans to improve drainage in the area and avoid damage during future rain events. The Township has engaged Carroll Engineering Corporation to handle stormwater mitigation planning and implementation efforts. For several weeks in November 2022, Carroll Engineering was in the neighborhood accessing and developing a short term plan for the plunge pool and existing stormwater sewers. The short-term work will include grading, stabilization, and plantings in the area of the plunge pool. This work is expected to begin in the spring of 2023. A general information session was held on Thursday, December, 1 at 7:00 pm. View the meeting recording and meeting presentation

Carroll Engineering is also working on a long-term solution for stormwater mitigation efforts. The project will create a stormwater management system - pipes, inlets, and outfalls - to collect and divert stormwater from homes subject to flooding. An additional meeting was held on Thursday, January 12, 2023 at 7:00 pm and went over the status of the project and tentative timeline. View the meeting recording and meeting presentation

Long-Term Infrastructure Design

The January 12 meeting presentation includes two maps - a map of the current stormwater infrastructure, and a design showing the proposed new infrastructure. The Township Engineer, Carroll Engineering, has worked to develop a design that will mitigate and divert the greatest amount of stormwater while causing the least impact on the homeowners and community. The new infrastructure is presented in yellow. In order to install and maintain some of the planned infrastructure, the Township will require easements from some homeowners. While this is the final design, additional survey work will be needed to finalize precise locations of needed easements and well as precise locations of pipes and inlets. If an easement is required from a homeowner, they will be contacted directly by the Township. Continued input and assistance from community members in the neighborhood is essential to the success of this project. To everyone who has attended a meeting on this issue, thank you! 


The Township has completed a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program application to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA ) to cover the funding. The Township is hopeful that a grant award will help fund the significant design and construction of this project. Capital and Stormwater funds are also expected to be expended on this project.

Stay Informed

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