Why is Willistown selling the sewer system?

By exiting the business of sewer system operation, the Township can better focus on core government functions while ensuring the residents are still offered safe and reliable sewer service by a Commonwealth-regulated utility. In addition, the funds generated by the sale will be used to pay off sewer debt. The sale also allows the Township and ratepayers to avoid future costs of sewer system upgrades. Furthermore, it was concluded that a utility company such as Aqua could maintain the sewer system as it ages at a lower cost than a single municipality.

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1. Why is Willistown selling the sewer system?
2. Who approved the sale of the sewer system?
3. Didn’t an Administrative Law Judge recommend against the sale?
4. Can the Township reverse the decision to sell the sewer system?
5. Isn't there an option to terminate?
6. Wasn’t the sale appealed?
7. When will the sale be finalized?
8. What will be done with the money the Township receives from Aqua for the sewer system?
9. Can Aqua unilaterally decide to expand the sewer system once they own it?