Fox Hollow Trail Team

Fox Hollow Trail 54 Devon Road

Make a difference!

Join other fans of Fox Hollow Trail as Willistown Parks & Rec volunteers in stewarding the trail and the East Branch of Crum Creek by removing trash, cutting vines from trees, and more. Help the trail and local environment that you love while enjoying the company of friends and neighbors.

Thank You Daylesford Abbey

Willistown Parks & Recreation thanks the Daylesford Abbey for their cooperation with this effort and very kindly approving our volunteer effort on their property adjacent to the trail.

Important Notes

Only formal Fox Hollow Trail Team efforts may go onto Daylesford Abbey property, but you are welcome to pick up trash along our trail any time! 

The Township's Fox Hollow Trail easement corridor is 10 feet on either side of the center line of the trail.

Be sure to wear proper foot wear and clothes for working outside, bring gloves, and water, wear sunscreen, and use bug repellent as you see fit. More information will be sent to you upon registration. 

Sign Up for Trail Team News and Register for Events 
Send the Parks Department an email with questions, to join our Fox Hollow Trail Team, to receive info about and to register for cleanup events.

Here is the Fox Hollow Trail Team Volunteer Waiver for your review and execution should you wish to participate. 

Special Thanks

Thank you, Kelly Tickner, northern Willistown resident and Fox Hollow Trail's number one fan! She wants to help this special neck of the woods and is willing to be the managing volunteer for the Fox Hollow Trail Team. THANK YOU, KELLY!

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