Walkworks ChesCo: Team Willistown

Willistown Parks & Recreation encourages you to get walking for your health and well-being. Join ChesCo WalkWorks and Team Willistown to track your steps to a healthier you!

WalkWorks ChesCo

WalkWorks ChesCo is competing in the National Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge for a $500,000 grand prize. The goal is
to make a positive health impact in Chester County. If you live or work in the County, you are eligible! If you already walk, or if you are looking for a reason to get started, please join and help to achieve 5 billion steps and 5,000 walkers in 2018.

Did You Know? 

On average, every minute of walking can extend your life by 1-1/2 to 2 minutes. Brisk walking reduces body fat, cholesterol, and the risk of bone fracture. Walking daily for 20 minutes burns off 7 pounds of body fat in a year!  As of July, 2018, there are 3,732 walkers and 2.5 billion steps have been taken.  

Join Team Willistown!

Register here at WalkWorks ChesCo. Once you sign up, please join the Willistown Township team. Since July of 2017, we have taken 22,062,736 steps—that's 11,031 miles...let's keep moving Willistown!