Okehocking Weed Warriors

Weeds Beware!

Join the Weed Warriors at Okehocking Preserve! Volunteers looking for fresh air and exercise during fall and winter can join us to help fight the invasive species that threaten the overall health of the Preserve and encroach on trails. After the leaves fall is a perfect time to tackle unwanted non-native plants. Meet at the Okehocking Preserve at the picnic tables by Ridley Creek on the first Saturdays each month starting in November at 9 AM through our last session in April. The Weed Warriors work until about 11 AM and no later than noon. We may go other days of the week as well. Please confirm your attendance in the event weather becomes an issue or we need to reschedule for other reasons. 

Bring your favorite invasive removal tools and gloves. We will also have some tools available.

Thank you Dave, Weed Warrior Extraordinaire!

Thanks go to Dave Smith, our Head Okehocking Weed Warrior, for taking the lead! Dave has undergone training through the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge and Friends of Heinz Refuge Weed Warrior program. 

More Info:

Email Dave or Willistown Parks Dept for more information. 

What are invasive plants?

Invasive plants grow quickly and spread, displacing other plants.
View extensive information about invasive plants and their management from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

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