Active and Pending Conditional Use & Zoning Applications

Below are the active and pending conditional use and zoning applications on file at Willistown Township.  If you have any questions about the applications please contact Bob Smiley, Zoning Officer, at 610.647.5300 ext. 252.

ApplicationApplication DateApplicantAddressSummary of ApplicationStatus
Z-1-2120-Jan-21Adam & Kelly Loew721 Hillview RoadAppeal Decision of the Zoning Officer
ZHB on 4/29
Z-5-2024-Nov-20Christ Memorial Lutheran Church and School
89 Line RoadVariance for a 12’ 2¾” high, 40 square foot electronic signWithdrawn
Z-4-2009-Nov-20Poseidon Restaurant128 Paoli PikeVariance to change the copy of existing freestanding sign along Paoli Pike

C-4-2023-Oct-20James Sheward/Shelamandiam
209 W. LancasterConditional Use to place an LED electronic wall sign on each side of the existing building,Approved
Z-3-2006-Oct-20Brian & Gerri Rice29 Duffryn AvenueIncrease impervious coverage from 25% to  27.8%
C-3-2001-Oct-20Christ Memorial Lutheran Church and School
89 Line RoadConditional Use for electronic signWithdrawn
C-2-2030-Sept-20Poseidon Restaurant128 Paoli PikeConditional Use for new signage for restaurantWithdrawn
C-1-2023-Jun-20Applebrook Meadows Homeowners AssociationApplebrook Meadows SubdivisionConditional Use for Mowing and Maintenance of the Riparian Buffer AreaUnder PC Review
Z-2-2020-Aug-20Michael Blanche & Caroline Fenkel4 Apple Tree LaneVariance to Construct a Riding Ring in the Rear and Side Yard SetbacksApproved

Z-1-2020-Aug-20Christopher & Jennifer Hemple3 Vernon LaneVariance to Construct an Addition in the Front Yard Setback
C-1-1915-Oct-19Michael Brooks220 Dutton Mill RoadConditional Use to Construct a Swimming Pool in Precautionary SlopesApproved
Z-11-1912-Sep-19Calvin & Christa Schmidt6074 Goshen RoadAppeal Decision of the Zoning Officer and Variance for Structure HeightWithdrawn
Z-10-1930-Aug-19John & Laura Reed1 Pond LaneVariance to Construct in Zone 2 of RBA, Special Exception to Increase Non-conformityApproved
Z-9-198-Aug-19Jason & Marci Luty23 Sandy LaneVariance to Construct an Addition in the Front Yard SetbackApproved
Z-8-1919-Jul-19Regan Mahoney6 Valleybrook RoadVariance to Increase the Non-conformity in the Front Yard SetbackApproved
Z-7-193-Jul-19Stephan & Angelia Lawson146 Paoli PikeAppeal Decision of the Zoning OfficerDenied
Z-6-1917-Jun-19Lida Wright955 Garrett Mill RoadVariance to Increase the Non-conformity in the Front Yard SetbackApproved
Z-5-1912-Apr-19Lothar & Kathleen Tremmel778 Sugartown RoadVariance to Construct an Accessory Structure in the Side Yard SetbackWithdrawn
Z-4-1929-Mar-19Paul & Pamela Riley6 Mill RoadVariance to Exceed the Maximum Impervious Coverage LimitApproved
Z-3-198-Feb-19Renehan Building Group6 Valleybrook RoadVariance to Increase the Non-conformity in the Front Yard SetbackWithdrawn
Z-2-198-Feb-19Robert & Meghan Kraut47 Green LaneAppeal Decision of the Zoning Officer and Special Exception to Increase Non-conformityApproved
24-Jan-19Charles & Karen Harrison48 Laurel CircleVariance to Construct Addition in Side and Rear Yard SetbacksApproved
C-6-1814-Dec-18Troutbeck Farms Developers LLCMonument RoadConditional Use for Conventional Subdivision in R-1 OSC Overlay DistrictApproved
C-5-1824-Oct-18Peter & Valerie McNeely7043 Goshen RoadConditional Use for Conventional Subdivision in OSC Overlay DistrictWithdrawn
C-4-1816-Oct-18Deerfield Knoll HOA1 Hedgerow LaneConditional Use to Modify Decision of Conditional Use C-2-85Approved
Z-12-1821-Sep-18Theodore Wentz765 Hillview RoadVariance for New Tree Plantings to be Less Than 5" CaliperApproved
Z-11-1817-Sep-18Stephen & Katherine Sangiorgio19 Clearview RoadSpecial Exception/Variance to Increase the Non-Conforming Use of the PropertyApproved
C-3-1814-Sep-18Seth & Kristin Hoffman724 Hillview RoadConditional Use to Permit Driveway in Zone 1 & 2 of RBAApproved
Z-10-1824-Aug-18The Institutes720 Providence RoadVariance to Exceed the Maximum Impervious Coverage LimitApproved
C-2-1820-Aug-18Matthew’s Journey15-17 Industrial BlvdConditional Use to Permit the Operation of an Adult Day Care Approved
Z-9-1820-Jul-18Grays Investment Properties24, 26 Treyburn LaneVariance to Construct Decks Outside the Building Envelope, Appeal Decision of Zoning OfficerWithdrawn
Z-8-1829-Jun-18Charles & Jane Harrison48 Laurel CircleVariance to Construct Addition within Side & Rear Yard Set BacksWithdrawn
C-1-1811-Jun-18Monkey Farm LLC218 Spring RoadConditional Use to Place Well and Driveway in Zone 2 of RBAApproved
Z-7-1811-Jun-1874 Paoli Pike LLC74 Paoli PikeVariance to Exceed Maximum Allowable Impervious Coverage Limit on LotApproved
Z-6-185-Jun-1825 Laurel Circle LLC25 Laurel CircleVariance to Construct Sunroom, Covered Walkway, and Terrace within Zone 2 of the RBAApproved
Z-5-1829-May-18Tom & Mahala Renkey45 Tulip DriveAppeal Zoning Officer Determination of RBA BoundaryWithdrawn
Z-4-1820-Apr-18Thanh Vu & Thuy Cao107 W Central AvenueVariance for Relief of Allowable Impervious Coverage and Lot Minimum WidthApproved
Z-3-18 20-Apr-18James & Meredith Oram16 Sandy LaneVariance for Relief of Allowable Building Area and Rear Yard Set BackWithdrawn
Z-2-18 9-Feb-18INTO National LLC42 Lloyd AvenueSpecial Exception/Variance Relief to Operate Tutoring CenterApproved
Z-1-1831-Jan-18Greater Chester Valley Soccer Assoc137 Line RoadVariance for Use of Outdoor LightingWithdrawn
Z-10-179-Nov-17Gerald Sweeney11 Marlborough RoadAppeal Zoning Officer DecisionWithdrawn
Z-9-173-Nov-17William McDowell707 Monument RoadSide Yard Set Back Variance to Place GeneratorApproved
C-3-1711-Oct-17Seth Hofmann724 Hillview RoadConstruction of a Driveway in the Riparian Buffer Withdrawn
C-2-1712-Sep-17Thomas Warner391 Paoli PikeAllow Garden Center Within the PPC Overlay Withdrawn
Z-8-172-Aug-17Family Values Realty3 Beryl Road Convert Non-Conforming Commercial Use to Four Unit Multi-Family DwellingDenied
Z-7-172-Aug-17Earl Kern & Maryanne Gallo1 Long LaneSpecial Exception to Expand Non-Conforming DwellingApproved
Z-6-1730-May-17John Scardapane231 W Lancaster AvenueUse Variance to Allow Outdoor DiningApproved
Z-5-1726-May-17Andrew Deignan & Meredith Huffman622 Sugartown RoadVariance to Exceed Impervious Coverage for LotWithdrawn
Z-4-1717-Apr-17Barbara Handelin56 S Lloyd AvenueVariance to Allow Accessory Structure for Guest QuartersWithdrawn
Z-3-1713-Mar-17William & Karen Rubert34 Harvey LaneVariance for Front Porch in Floodplain and Riparian BufferApproved
Z-2-173-Feb-17Corey & Carrie Moscoe103 Cratin LaneVariance to Exceed Impervious CoverageWithdrawn
C-1-1720-Jan-17Brian & Brigid Parsons647 S Warren AvenuePerform Construction & Grading in Steep SlopesApproved
Z-1-1711-Jan-17Chris & Anita Papadopolous1 Brampton RoadVariance to Exceed Impervious CoverageApproved
Z-11-168-Dec-16CAMCO Properties2090 Dutton Mill RoadVariance for Area Regulations in the RA-1 Zoning DistrictApproved
Z-10-1616-Nov-16Anurag & Sharada Singh2033 Waynesborough RoadVariance to Pipe Drainage in Riparian BufferApproved
Z-9-1627-Oct-16Patrick & Melissa Markowski222 Dutton Mill RoadSpecial Exception to Expand Driveway with Zone #2 of Riparian BufferApproved
C-2-166-Oct-16Michael & Jane Stolper6022 West Chester PikeEncroach in Steep Slope Conservation DistrictApproved
Z-7-1624-Jun-16Michael & Jane Stolper6022 West Chester PikeVariance to Encroach in Steep Slope Conservation DistrictApproved
Z-6-168-Jun-16Willistown Conservation Trust921 Delchester RoadAppeal Zoning Officer Decision, Special Uses ExceptionApproved
Z-4-163-May-16Erika Katz229 Dutton Mill RoadVariance for Side Yard Set-Back ReliefApproved
Z-2-168-Apr-16GAP Properties 516 LLC4 Beryl RoadVariance to Convert Existing Office into Four Apartment UnitsWithdrawn
C-1-1615-Jan-16Phelps School583 Sugartown RoadZone 2 Encroachment to the Riparian BufferApproved
C-2-1521-May-151720 West Chester Pike LP1720 West Chester PikeAcquire Open SpaceApproved
C-7-1419-Dec-141720 West Chester Pike LP1720 West Chester Pike39 Townhouse CommunityApproved