Recycling & Waste

Trash Service

In Willistown Township our residents hire their own trash providers. Any questions regarding trash and recycling pick-up should be directed to the appropriate trash hauler.

Recycling Service

Curbside trash events will be at the discretion of the private trash providers. The Township does host annual drop off events and they will post information regarding these specific events as the information becomes available.

List of Recyclable Items
Paper vs. Plastic


Recycling Events

Chester County Solid Waste Authority - This organization schedules Household Hazardous Waste drop-off events throughout the year. These events take place all over Chester County to make it convenient for all county-wide residents.
See the Solid Waste Authority list of acceptable materials.

Willistown Township - The Township Recycling Commission organizes several events throughout the year on their campus at 688 Sugartown Road. These events are free to Willistown residents. Click the links to find information on the Annual Drop-Off Event, Document Shredding Event, and Wood Chipping Event in our Township.

Ongoing Recycling Programs - The Township also has ongoing recycling programs such as the Drug Drop-Off Box, CD/DVD/Audio Tape Recycling Bin, and Smoke Detector Collection.

Willistown Township Recycling Commission