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Park Permits
Parks and Recreation Department
The Parks & Recreation Department issues permits for park pavilion, field use, and programming. 

  • Pavilion rentals give exclusive use of the pavilion to the permit holder. 
  • Field Use Permits are required for use of Township fields. 
  • Park Programming Permits are required for groups of 25 or more people, or for groups charging fees (regardless of number of people) for activities or events at Township parks.
Please review the applications below and visit the park or field to assure it meets your needs first, th
en contact the Department for availability.

Field Availability  Pavilion Availability
Park Land and Open Space Fund Map 
View the map to see where the parks are located. Parks are open from dawn to dusk.

Pavilion, Field Rental & Park Programming Permit Application Forms  
Location Pavilion Rental Application Links Amenities
Rita Reves Park Individual or Family Sponsor
Corporate or Organization Sponsor 
Picnic pavilion with 6 tables, playground, sand volleyball
Greentree Park  Individual or Family Sponsor
Corporate or Organization Sponsor 
Picnic pavilion with 2 tables, playgrounds, basketball  
Location Field Rental Application Links Amenities
Rita Reves Park  Team/League Sponsor
Corporate or Organization Sponsor 
Individual or Family Sponsor
60' & 90' Baseball, 1 soccer/lax field 
Greentree Park  Individual or Family Sponsor
Corporate or Organization Sponsor  
Recreation Field 
Mill Park  Team/League Sponsor 2 baseball fields 
Location Park Programming Application Links Guidelines
All Parks  Family or Individual Programming
Organization Programming
Organization Annual Programming
For gatherings of groups of 25 or more persons, and/or
for groups (any size) charging fees for activities at our parks

Fee Schedule

Rental Park Rentee Type Up to 2 Hrs 2+ - 4 Hrs 4+ - 6 Hrs
Field Rita Reves
 All  $25  $45  $65

Rentee Type Up to 50 People  Over 50 People

Rita Reves

Individual or Family/
Willistown Resident
 $50  $75
Individual or Family/
Non-Willistown Resident
 $75  $125
Corporation or Organization
Located within Willistown
 $75  $125
Corporation or Organization
Located outside Willistown
 $100  $150
Programming Rita Reves
All  Non-Profit 
Organizations - 
no current fees
Sports Camp Provider, Family,
Individual, or Organization 
Sponsor fees determined on a 
case-by-case basis

Visit a Park

More Information

Please contact Mary Hundt via email or call 610-647-5300 x224.

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