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Invasive Plant Management

Invasive plants pose a real threat to the vegetation habitats in our area. Invasive plants can be described as any vegetation that is not native to the area, spreads quickly, and causes economic, environmental, or human harm. Plants growing in their native habitats are kept in balance by pests, herbivores, and other factors. When a plant is introduced to a new area, without those maintenance factors, it can quickly spread and take the growth resources from existing plants causing them to die out, and completely alters the native ecosystem. An “invasion” of plants!

For more information on invasive plants, and what we can do, visit the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) website.

See the fact sheets on the DCNR webpage for more information about which species are considered invasive in our area, and the different invasive pests that attack these plants. Here is the list of invasive plants.

Here is some helpful information about How to Landscape with Native Plants!

Penn State Extension Chester County is a wealth of information and offers workshops and conferences on a variety of topics. Located in the Government Services Center in West Chester, 601 Westtown Road, Suite 370. You can contact them by email or 610-696-3500. Also check out their website!

Penn State Resources:
Native Plants of PA - Webinar
PA Native Plants for the Perennial Garden
Guide for Selecting Shrubs for PA Landscaping

Purple Loosestrife Garlic Mustard

Purple Loosestrife Garlic Mustard 

More Resources for Invasive Plants:
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