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Active and Pending Conditional Use & Zoning Applications
Below are the active and pending conditional use and zoning applications on file at Willistown Township.  If you have any questions about the applications please contact Neil Vaughn, Zoning Officer, at 610.647.5300 ext. 252.


Application Date



Summary of Application


C-2-17  12-Sep-17 Thomas Warner 391 Paoli Pike Allow Garden Center Within the PPC Overlay  PC Review
Z-8-17 2-Aug-17 Family Values Realty 3 Beryl Road  Convert Non-Conforming Commercial Use to Four Unit Multi-Family Dwelling Decision Pending
Z-7-17  2-Aug-17 Earl Kern & Maryanne Gallo 1 Long Lane Special Exception to Expand Non-Conforming Dwelling Continued 10/25
Z-6-17 30-May-17 John Scardapane 231 W Lancaster Avenue Use Variance to Allow Outdoor Dining Approved
Z-5-17 26-May-17 Andrew Deignan & Meredith Huffman 622 Sugartown Road Variance to Exceed Impervious Coverage for Lot Withdrawn
Z-4-17 17-Apr-17 Barbara Handelin 56 S Lloyd Avenue Variance to Allow Accessory Structure for Guest Quarters Withdrawn
Z-3-17 13-Mar-17 William & Karen Rubert 34 Harvey Lane Variance for Front Porch in Floodplain and Riparian Buffer Approved
Z-2-17 3-Feb-17 Corey & Carrie Moscoe 103 Cratin Lane Variance to Exceed Impervious Coverage Withdrawn
C-1-17 20-Jan-17 Brian & Brigid Parsons 647 S Warren Avenue Perform Construction & Grading in Steep Slopes Approved
Z-1-17 11-Jan-17 Chris & Anita Papadopolous 1 Brampton Road Variance to Exceed Impervious Coverage Approved
Z-11-16 8-Dec-16 CAMCO Properties 2090 Dutton Mill Road Variance for Area Regulations in the RA-1 Zoning District Approved
Z-10-16 16-Nov-16 Anurag & Sharada Singh 2033 Waynesborough Road Variance to Pipe Drainage in Riparian Buffer Approved
Z-9-16 27-Oct-16 Patrick & Melissa Markowski 222 Dutton Mill Road Special Exception to Expand Driveway with Zone #2 of Riparian Buffer Approved
C-2-16 6-Oct-16 Michael & Jane Stolper 6022 West Chester Pike Encroach in Steep Slope Conservation District Approved
Z-8-16 29-Jun-16 Jay Larkin 300 W Central Avenue Variance for Set Back Relief Approved
Z-7-16 24-Jun-16 Michael & Jane Stolper 6022 West Chester Pike Variance to Encroach in Steep Slope Conservation District Approved
Z-6-16 8-Jun-16 Willistown Conservation Trust 921 Delchester Road Appeal Zoning Officer Decision, Special Uses Exception Approved
Z-4-16 3-May-16 Erika Katz 229 Dutton Mill Road Variance for Side Yard Set-Back Relief Approved
Z-3-16 11-Apr-16 Stephen Jendrus 17 Smedley Drive Variance for Side Yard Set- Back Relief Approved
Z-2-16 8-Apr-16 GAP Properties 516 LLC 4 Beryl Road Variance to Convert Existing Office into Four Apartment Units Withdrawn
Z-1-16 28-Jan-16 Hertz Corporation 266 Lancaster Avenue  Variance to Operate a Car Rental Office Approved 
C-1-16 15-Jan-16 Phelps School 583 Sugartown Road Zone 2 Encroachment to the Riparian Buffer Approved
Z-11-15 16-Nov-15 Nicholas Vastardis  29 Harvey Lane Variance for Detached Garage Approved
Z-6-15 28-Aug-15 Robert & Rebecca Patterson 760 Hillview Road Variance to Construct Accessory Building in Front Yard Set-Back Approved
C-4-15  30-Jun-15 Shawn Bishop 194 Grubb Road Construct a Basin in RB Approved
C-2-15  21-May-15 1720 West Chester Pike LP 1720 West Chester Pike Acquire Open Space Approved
C-7-14 19-Dec-14 1720 West Chester Pike LP 1720 West Chester Pike 39 Townhouse Community Approved